Phil Condit started his movie-making career at the tender age of thirteen animating clay dinosaurs in his backyard.  All through middle school and high school he generated hours of 8mm horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films.  In college, Phil studied Film and Art and produced two award winning films, Some Tormenting Dream, a dramatization about a friend who committed suicide on campus, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, an experiment in technique circa 1916, in which he replicated the silent movie technique complete with hand cranking the camera.

After college Phil took a job with a documentary film facility that made films on psychiatry and the behavioral sciences. Over the following thirty years, the facility made more than thirty award winning documentaries. 

One of the first documentaries was about Tourette’s Syndrome. Most people now know that Tourette’s Syndrome is a combination of uncontrollable tics and involuntarily uttering of curse words - and that is in large part due to the film. The filmmakers created the first diagnostic definition of exactly what the disease is and disseminated it worldwide.

When the economic downturn began in 2008, Phil’s usual business dropped off precipitously. Many people in that situation went back to school to learn a new profession. Phil decided it was a good time to return to his teenage roots and make independent feature films in the horror genre he loved so much. And thus Sick Puppy Pictures was born.

After the first public screening of his first feature film, Empress Vampire, Phil said, ”There is no greater thrill than to sit in a darkened theater and watch an audience spellbound by your creation - laughing or cringing on cue to the action on the screen - and then applaud at the end. I’m hooked.”
PHIL CONDIT, self portrait
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