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Sick Puppy Pictures was founded in 2008 by filmmaker Phil Condit as a new brand for horror and sci-fi films designed to satisfy the hard core enthusiast.

ALETA VAMPIRE MISTRESS, the first independent feature from Sick Puppy Pictures, is currently represented domestically by MAVERICK ENTERTAINMENT.  The same film is also available under its original title, EMPRESS VAMPIRE, for foreign markets through 2ND NATURE FILMS. ALETA VAMPIRE MISTRESS is currently available on AMAZON.


ALIEN V HOOKERS: HAPPY ENDING: An alien predator escapes from a remote military base and invades a nearby bordello, forcing the working girls and their johns to fight for their lives - and humanity’s very survival, but all Rick wants is Candy’s hand in marriage.


GIRL PREY: A group of spring break coeds find themselves kidnapped by a group of serial killers to be released for hunting, but not everyone is who they seem.

SPAWN: Bobby Rossmore doesn’t know if he is the devil’s son, or if his new-found soul mate is the spawn of the devil, or if his unborn baby is the antichrist, or if it’s all in his mind, but he intends to find out.

IDENTICAL: As a precursor to transmitting people across the globe, Dr. Jack Hill has created a device that will make an exact duplicate of himself, but will it have a soul?

Sick Puppy Pictures has also produced a commercial for the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl” contest. Check out the zombie action under FILMS.

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